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  Answers to Common Interview Questions

Sample Job Interview Question and Answers 

Being prepared for the most common interview questions is a must.  Also you should be prepared to ask some question of your interviewer, not about pay or benefits, but about how you would fit into that job and be successful.  MVPSource can help you be prepared and ace the interview with confidence and a winning attitude.           Top 3 Interview Questions

Overcoming objections and Job Interview blunders

An interview coach can help you turn negatives into positives.  What to avoid during your interview and what to stress.  Match your skills to your resume is a must.  We can help.....

Top 10 Toughest Interview Questions

Honest Feedback about your Skill Set

MVPSource provides honest and truthful feedback.  With over twenty five combined years in career counseling, HR recruiting and interview coaching, we understand what most HR departments and head hunters are looking for in a candidate. After asking Mock interview questions, we can help you emphasize your strengths and minimize your weakness during the interview.  For most of our clients we help them spin their shortcomings into strengths.  

Common Interview Mistakes

How to Research a company before your Interview

Each interview is different! Each company has a different style and a different company culture. Understanding the suttle differences can make a big difference.  Reading annual reports and a company website is a must.  Do you know who their competition?  What do you know about their products or services?  What do you bring to the table that would make you a good fit with this organization?  These question should be a part of your pre-interview action plan and research.  We can help you find out additional details.  

How to answer - So tell me about yourself?

Tough interview questions seem like easy questions when practiced, without sounding rehearsed and you are prepared. Tell me about yourself is an open interview question and you should be able to take a question like this and highlight your skills and customize it to the open job position.  MVPSource's interview coaches give you the proper techniques to answer  interview questions based on your personality and level of experience. Let us help you ace the interview and get hired.

Interview Coaching Questions