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Outplacement for Small Business - $299 per employee

MVPSource offers affordable small business outplacement.  If your in the process or thinking about downsizing your organization, contact MVPSource as we can help guide you through all outplacement and layoff options.  Our coaching staff is will provide an affordable and cost effective Outplacement program designed to meeting the needs of your small business and provide compassion to outgoing employees.

We have developed detailed outplacement services based on years of experience, in the following areas:
  • Resume Development and Preparation
  • Job Search coaching
  • Self-Marketing
  • Online Resources
  • Interview Preparation
  • Interview Coaching
  • The Search Process
  • The Salary and Offer Negotiation

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Our Outplacement services show job seekers how to: 

  • Deal with the emotions and effects of job loss
  • Identify their strengths and accomplishments
  • Develop a self-marketing strategy and plan
  • Improve their interviewing skills
  • Manage their job search

Outplacement and Job Search Preparation

Prior to fully launching their job search campaign, the MVPSource coaching staff works with the client to make sure they are fully prepared for the journey which lies ahead. Our Outplacement services include expert advice about use of recruiters, job boards, online resources, resume usage, cover letter development, and key verbal communication elements they will need to have to be ready. 

The benefits to your company from MVPSource Outplacement Services include: 

  • Reduction of the potential for lawsuits and EEO actions
  • Cost savings in unemployment insurance
  • Improving company morale
  • Maintaining a positive image in your organization
  • Supports managers in making timely decisions on reorganization and termination
  • Improved productivity for surviving employees
  • Reduced stress on the terminating manager and HR
  • Improved staff utilization

 The benefits to Employees facing termination of our outplacement services: 

  • Restoration of self-confidence and morale
  • Reduction in time to obtain a new job
  • Career assessment and guidance
  • Development of lasting skills and motivation
  • Job market knowledge and contact database
  • Ongoing phone support
  •  Provides focus towards the future 
  • Achievement of the best possible new job
  • Negotiation of the best starting compensation package

Pre-termination involvement with your company helps ensure:

  • Consistency in implementation of outplacement and employee terminations
  • Input and counsel on constructing the severance package
  • Dignified departure with continuing outplacement support
  • Drafting separation announcement and communication
  • Reduced likelihood of litigation and workplace violence
  • Improved morale of surviving employees

Free Outplacement Services Consultation at 704-837-8203

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