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Mock Job Interview Coaching Service

What is a Mock Interview?

A mock interview is an individual session with a job interview coach to help you prepare and strategize for future job interviews. Traditional and behavioral interviewing questions will be presented and you will be asked to respond, as in a real interview. After the interview, you will be given constructive feedback regarding your interviewing style and how you responded to the questions.

A mock interview takes different interview scenarios and let you role play on how to act, present yourself and answer the interviewer's questions.  The mock interview will get you prepared for your next interview opportunity or we can target a certain type or style of interviews.

The Mock Interview focuses on how well you know yourself and your past experiences, how well you know the industry that you are targeting, and how well you can articulate your knowledge and what is on your resume. You get the most out of your Mock Interview if you treat it as you would an actual job interview.

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An Interview Coach can help you avoid fatal flaws that will make you fail the interview.  Win the interview with an interview coach

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Mock Interview Checklist

  • Review your resume and write a cover letter targeted for the specific job you are applying for.
  • Schedule a mock interview at least one week in advance of your scheduled employment interview.
  • Practice answering various Mock interview questions from the our website.
  • Be prepared to ask the interviewer (interview coach) questions about the company you are applying for at the end of your mock interview session.
  • Avoiding the most common interview mistakes
MVPSource Mock Interview Program

The Mock Interview program and the MBA mock interview is included in our basic interview coaching service.  As part of the mock interview we will customize practice questions based on the job industry you are applying for, also based on any job description of any specific job.  We will also match you with an interview coach that has experience in that industry.  Mock interviews will get you ready and help you practice the most common interview questions and provide you valuable feedback on how you answered the interview questions.

To find out how you can get a Mock Interview

An Interview Coach can help you avoid fatal flaws that will make you fail the interview.  Win the interview with an interview coach
Call MVPSource today at 704-837-8203

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Mock job interviews are part of the MVPSource bronze level service. Job Interview Coaching Prices subject to change without notice