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Interview Boot Camp

Interview boot camp is designed to help prepare you for the interview process.  We help get your interview skills in shape for the toughest interview.  We help you spin your negatives or lack of skills in a positive way.  Frame the "tell me about yourself" question so that it gets your message across.  Teach how to answer behavioral questions and inject your experience into an answer.

Interview boot camp is designed to instill self confidence and motivate you to be the best candidate.  Interviews can feel like an interrogation and we teach how to slow down and handle the pressure.  If you need to get your interview skills into shape, then interview boot camp might be for you.

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Most hiring decision are made in the first five minutes of the interview.  You must be prepared for these three common interview questions to give you a dynamic first five minutes.

An Interview Coach can help you avoid fatal flaws that will make you fail the interview.  Win the interview with an interview coach
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MVPSource Interview Coaching Services

MVP’s Complete Interview Preparation Program helps you better prepare for the screening and interview process.  We will help you develop examples of past accomplishments and how to effectively communicate them; how to address the “Tell me about yourself” question; how to answer standard interview questions while avoiding common pitfalls; how to understand the type of interview you will be having;  how to develop strong questions to ask the interviewer; how to effectively communicate your answers in a STAR format; how to differentiate yourself from other candidates; and how to help you prepare so that you are confident going into an interview process.

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