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Outplacement Services
  • Resume Development and Preparation
  • Job Search coaching
  • Self-Marketing
  • Online Resources
  • Interview Preparation
  • Interview Coaching
  • The Search Process
  • The Salary and Offer Negotiation
The small Business Outplacement package is designed to help an organization with downsizing, layoff or termination of employee(s).  This will help them get prepared to enter the job market again.  MVPSource will help with resume prep, train them how to interview and use online resources and take them through the entire job search process.  This also includes help them set up a new contact network and the use of select recruiters as part of their severance.

This will help transition them from your organization to there next job.  This can be a very difficult journey for some and we strive to make this process as painless as possible for both parties.
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Interview Training Package
  • Resume Screening
  • Writing a proper job description
  • Asking the right interview question
  • What to look for in job candidates
  • Offer Negotiation
This interview training preparation helps you with the entire screening and interview process.  Write a job description that helps pre-qualify the right type of candidates.  Interview coaching to help you know what type of questions to ask  and then select the best candidate for the job.  We can even help you with salary and compensation negotiations. $159

Interview Prescreening Help you select the right candidates to bring in for an interview.  Can also source candidates from job boards for you that match our qualifications. Call

Call MVPSource today at 704-837-8203

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